Monday, September 22, 2008

“White Rabbit Creamy Candy” (大白兔奶糖) from China is also contaminated with melamine.

“White Rabbit Creamy Candy” (大白兔奶糖) from China is also contaminated with melamine. That's what the AVA web site publishes.

Been receiving numerous sms since sunday (21/9/08) about several more dairy products being taken off the shelves of some shop. Just pondering how true this is? some of these named dairy product were regular items that me and my family would buy.

Today's ST confirmed some of the worries that the sms brought. The same message was publish in the Page 1 of ST (22/9/08) about several dairy products taken off the shelves off a 7-11 outlet in Braddell. This is good act from the retail. Another product confirmed to be contaminated is the "White Rabbit Creamy Candy" -- this candy accompanied me since when I was young. At least, I have seen this candy for many decades. How can such things ever happen?

What's next? Consumer will start buying diary products imported from western countries - Australia/New Zealand or even USA. This would mean that prices would be going up...........something that retailers or manaufacturer will capitalise to price higher due to demand and supply situation. That will hurt our pockets.

Did AVA look into other related dairy products, like coffee creamers, imported package cakes? How about other type of canned food? Canned fruits, pickles and even sardines ought to be tested against such unwanted surprises.

Above are my thoughts about the whole incident on the melamine contamination besides my regular 4D punting. This really dampened my mood. In this case, who win? Nobody, I guess, everyone is a loser.................................

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